The Fiberman ACADEMY

The Fiberman Academy brings money savings

The use of the Glass Fibers incorporated in the concrete in place of the steel rebars meshes allows to generate 4 cost cuttings:

1) material cost 

2) transport cost

3) labour cost

In addition, the reduction in implementation time reduces the total duration of the project.

The Fiberman Academy calculates the optimal dosage   

For large projects, we can provide a calculation note with the recommended dosage to optimize the cost of your project.

Simply complete the online form and enter your project data.

The Fiberman Academy trains Instructors

The Instructors are trained to the benefits of the Glass Fibers :

  • Increase cracks resistance caused by plastic and drying shrinkage 
  • Increase impact resistance
  • Do not affect the surface appearance
  • Improve ductility of concrete
  • Develop multi-directional strength thanks to the perfect distribution in concrete


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