Super-Powered Anti-Crack

Glass Fibers

Fiberman is the Official Distributor of the Glass Fibers Owens Corning in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg. He just celebrated in 2022 his 10 years of expertise in concrete reinforcement with the Super-Powered Anti-Crak® Glass Fibers HP67/36 and HD12 made by Owens Corning.

Economical, practical, efficient and reliable, the Super-Powered Glass Fibers offer a 35% gain compared to conventional reinforcing mesh.

Fiberman proposes 3 Kits :

The Fiberman Expert Kit for industrial projects 

More and more architects and design offices are prescribing Glass Fibres to reinforce concrete.

The Fiberman Expert Kit is the solution for large sized projects.

We deliver a number of pallets at the Batching Plant in function of your production forecast

To give an idea 4 palets contains 1.080kg of MACRO glass fibers reinforcing 216m3 concrete that is the equivalent of 1.440m2 of fibered floor thikness 10cm.

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The Fiberman Pro Kit

for the professionals

The Fiberman Pro Kit has been developed to save money on medium-sized residential projects. Saving time and money by avoiding the need to buy, transport and place traditional reinforcement rebar mesh. Ultra-fast online ordering and delivery in 48 hours!

And on site, just mix 3 minutes the Glass Fibers in the mixer truck and the trick is done ! This 25kg KIT allows to reinforce 5m3 of concrete or approximately 50m2 of slab (thikness 10cm)

The Demo Kit to test the Super-Powered Glassfibers

The Fiberman Demo Kit has been developed to make it easier for you to carry out your small concrete projects at home. Saving time and money by avoiding the need to buy, transport and place traditional reinforcement trusses. Ultra-fast online order, delivery in 48 hours of the light 5kg KIT only.

Just mix the Fibers of Glass in the mixer for 3 minutes and that’s it !


There is for sure a Fiberman Kit adapted to your project. 

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